Historic Reproduction Firebacks at Powel House in Philadelphia.

Visit the historic home of Philadelphia’s Patriot Mayor, Samuel Powel, ca. 1769, and you will see a number of Pennsylvania Firebacks’ Historic Reproduction Firebacks in the hearths.

Saved from demolition in 1932 by the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks (Landmarks), this Georgian period mansion was the premier social gathering  place for patriots in Philadelphia leading up to the Revolutionary War, during the Constitutional Convention, and the years when the city was the capitol of the new Federal Government.

Around the corner from Powel House you can also visit Landmarks historic home of Dr. Philip Syng Physick and meet the Doctor’s great, great, great grandson, site manager, and firebacks artist, J. Del Conner.

You can find links to Physick House and the Landmarks web site at:



The Catoctin Furnace Fireback in the Committee Room 


The Hereford Stove Plate in the Butlers Bedroom


The Atena Roster Fireback in the Withdrawing Room


Close-up of The Atena Roster Fireback in the Withdrawing Room


The Joseph Webb Stag Fireback in the site managers apartment

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